RSPCA - West Hatch Animal Centre

'The RSPCA wildlife centre at West Hatch near Taunton was started in 1963 and as with a lot of animal rescue centres started off very small, taking in a few domestic pets and the odd wildlife casualty. Over the last 53 years the centre has grown and now admits around 4,000 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife casualties each year. Admissions are approximately 70% birds and 30% mammals with a wide variety of species, including nestling birds from wrens to kestrels, to adult roe deer and grey seal pups. All the animals admitted are treated with the aim of release back to the wild.

The Brinsea TLC intensive care incubators are an essential part of the equipment required to run the wildlife centre and are used for a variety of species. In the spring and summer months they are used in our fledgling room to house the very small nestling birds. These birds are unable to control or maintain their own body temperatures so it is essential to have these incubators to allow us to accurately control their environment. As the birds grow we can slowly reduce the temperature before moving them into breeder cages prior to going outside to release aviaries. The Brinsea TLC incubators are also used to house very weak and collapsed casualties on arrival at the centre and to house small animals post anaesthetic for recovery.

The new TLC incubators have been bought to replace our old Brinsea Prestige hospital cages which are now beginning to get a little tired. There are a number of great features on the TLC40’s that we like. They are easy to clean and disinfect between casualties. The digital temperature control is excellent and combined with the air circulation allows easy and accurate control of the internal environment. Build quality is good and design well thought out.'

Paul Oaten, Wildlife Centre Supervisor