Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue

Pricklebums is a home-run, self-funded wildlife rescue based 4 miles from Ludlow on the Herefordshire/Shropshire border run by Ailie Hill. She takes in sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs from Ludlow and the surrounding areas. The animals are treated, cared for and rehabilitated for release back into the wild. Pricklebums has only been running for 2 years, but has already gained a reputation as the leading centre for hedgehog rehabilitation and care in the local area.

'We have fund-raised intensively to obtain two TLC-40 Eco intensive care units because they are necessary to our work. We fundraised via a Just Giving page, we did lots of fundraising events and several of our Facebook page supporters went 'sweet free' for March to help us to raise money!

Often hedgehogs come in who are collapsed, dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia because of illness. The units are perfect for providing all-round warmth, and because the animals need to warm up gradually (so as not to go into shock). The temperature can be adjusted accordingly. The window is also useful when keeping sick animals under observation ie: to watch how they move about (so that we can assess for head trauma) and to see if they are able to eat and drink unaided, or need hand feeding etc.

We also have a lot of orphaned babies brought in during the spring and summer months. Many of these are so small that they cannot regulate their own body temperature to keep themselves warm. The TLC units are perfect for this purpose; the digital temperature control can be set to accommodate their exact requirements.

Currently one of them is in use for two hogs that have contagious bacterial infections. The TLC units are perfect for keeping sickly animals contained in quarantine if needed, to avoid contamination of other patients.

The TLC units are compact, neat and tidy. They are also very easy to wipe clean and keep sterile, unlike wooden hutches with electric heat pads in them, which we were using previously.

The controls are easy to use. They provide the perfect environment for sick, injured and baby animals to rest, recover and thrive. Also when not switched on, they can also double up as spare (un-heated) enclosures which helps when space is limited. We really appreciate having them for use in our rescue. Thank-you very much Brinsea!!'

Ailie Hill

Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue