Marion Adams, RVN

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Marion Adams, RVN - Dulverton, Somerset

'A bit about myself and my use of the superb Brinsea equipment.

I qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2003. In 2008 my spinal cord was damaged leaving me disabled. Since then I have concentrated on my lifelong love of wildlife by taking in casualties from vets and members of the public.

I use my mini advance Brinsea incubator for eggs or day old chicks especially if the chicks are cold and shocked after falling from the nest. I’ve collected all sorts from british garden birds, partridge or pheasant chicks and also foreign visitors like swallows, house martins or swifts. I also have 2 EcoGlow20 Brooders and the cigarette lighter connector that are extremely useful as I am also able to take them on the rescue visits! I take a small guinea pig transport cage that fits snuggly between the legs of the brooder so that the occupant can't squeeze out whilst I am driving back home. I’ve used this setup for kingfishers, baby squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs amongst many other 'small' wildlife cases. For the larger cases, such as an adult rabbit, I use a larger cage with the Brinsea eco-glow brooder freestanding but secured to the cage.

When I rescue young bats and mice I carry a newborn baby's sock with a thin ribbon attached to secure the bat or mouse inside whilst travelling or they could escape through the cage vents. The babies sock would be put beside an artifical 'mum', a piece of sheepskin, in the carry cage. I use a small travelling alarm clock either tucked inside the 'mum' or placed nearby to simulate a heartbeat as this comforts all babies! Before I had the Brinsea equipment I had to find other means of keeping these wildlife casualties warm, such as hot water bottles or baby bats in my bra! These were never as easy or reliable as the Brinsea Incubator and EcoGlow20.

My biggest wish now is to get a Brinsea TLC40 Advance hospitalisation unit for the needier or larger patient.

All these creatures when ready are returned to the wild to live as Mother Nature intended.​'

Marion Adams, RVN