Howey Hedgehog Rescue, Powys

Elaine and Nigel Acton, have been rescuing for 18+ years and they opened Howey Hedgehog Rescue in Mid Wales in 2008 after moving from Hertfordshire. The rescue is run on a voluntary basis and relies on donations to keep afloat as the founders are pensioners and not in great health. Despite this they dedicate their lives to rescuing the vastly declining local hedgehog population, often from the brink of death. Being the only listed rescue with the B.H.P.S. in Powys they cover a vast area taking in over 200 hedgehogs/hoglets annually. Having an excellent reputation they work alongside the public, several vets and an R.S.P.C.A. volunteer. The ethos at Howey is to rescue, rehabilitate and slow release where the hedgehogs are support fed.

‘As keen conservationists, environmentalists and educationalists we work together with wildlife groups, give talks, have a stand at events, mentor other carers and ‘employ’ volunteers, several with mental health issues. The rescue consists of an indoor Special Care room and two outside buildings with runs in the garden. With a grant from Lush the garage was converted and more intensive care equipment was purchased including the Brinsea TLC-50 which has been a godsend.

On admittance all hedgehogs have separate record sheets enabling progress to be easily followed and hedgehogs are checked for injuries. External parasites are eradicated and faecal samples tested for internal parasites and treated accordingly.

Brinsea has been a household name for many years as Elaine's farming parents used the incubators and brooders. The name is synonymous with trust and reliability so when funds were raised for two more incubators the obvious choice was the TLC-50 and recently with discount the TLC-40. Preventing cross contamination is key to running a rescue so everything has to be cleaned and sterilised especially when dealing with hoglets as they are so prone to infection. We find the TLC's so easy to clean and sterilise, giving controlled heat and humidity. Also a nebulizer can be used in conjunction with the units aiding hedgehogs with severe respiratory problems such as pneumonia. Having a Perspex door means that frequent observations are allowed without causing disturbance and stress. Tiny hoglets have been reared successfully as they stay warm even when they wander from their fleece hats.

Thank you Brinsea for transforming our lives as rehabilitators and for helping us to save sick hedgehogs and tiny, vulnerable few day old hoglets.’

Elaine and Nigel Acton​​​​

Howey Hedgehog Rescue

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