Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is a small wildlife rescue centre, based in Surrey, that treats, cares and rehabilitates all wildlife that comes into their centre. Most of the wildlife comes to the centre via local vets, individuals and through their website. Fire services, Police, and other organisations also generate wildlife that needs immediate care, albeit orphaned creatures or those which have been involved in some sort of accident and need to be nursed back to health. 

Last year they treated over 1500 wildlife incidents, which were either by man’s hand or road traffic accidents including any other incidents. The new TLC intensive care units make a tremendous difference to the amount of orphaned animals they can take in.

'The TLC intensive care units that we have are vital to our work. We take in many orphaned animals from hedgehogs and foxes to tiny baby birds. Without our help these babies would not survive on their own. We are a small charity and unfortunately, have to turn animals away when we do not have the space. This new unit is vital to our work and enables us to take in more orphans who need round the clock care. We all give up our sleep here to ensure our orphans are cared for round the clock.

Another reason the TLC machines are so critical to our work is for the extremely sickly and weak animals we receive. We see many animals that come in so dehydrated or with severe injuries that need a lot of heat to reboot their systems. These systems are brilliant for that, as they keep the animals at a constant temperature. We use them for most species that come in - even tiny fawns!

These units are incredibly easy to clean, which is vital for our work! Every unit has to be thoroughly cleaned between each animal to make sure that poorly animals do not get re-infected or pass their illness on to other animals. The constant temperature is vital and we do not have to worry with the TLC intensive care units that the temperature will change.'

Natalie Phillips, Manager