Fundraising to buy a TLC
Purchasing a TLC intensive care unit is a great investment for any animal rescuer or wildlife rescuer, and we do know that it represents a considerable expense for any individual or group. We are able to offer discounts on our products to registered charities and may be able to offer discounts to individuals or other groups on a case by case basis. Please use our 'contact us' page to send us a message and we will see how we can help you to purchase one of our machines.
Fundraising Websites
Registered Charities
If you want to raise money to purchase a TLC there are many charity fundraising websites to help you to hit your goal. These websites are a great way to involve your supporters and it gives them a chance to donate to a specific project. The money is all handled online and anyone who donates can see the progress of your fundraising appeal.

It is worth doing some research before you sign up to a fundraising website as the amount of money your charity gets can vary vastly depending on which website you choose to fundraise with. Online giving sites can be private companies, not-for-profit sites or actual charities and this affects where your money goes.

A detailed analysis of fundraising websites can be found at

Tips for successful fundraising online
  • Design your TLC fundraising message
  • Tell the background story of the need for an incubator
  • Include photos of animals you have cared for
  • Have a set goal for your supporters rather than being open-ended
  • Set up your fundraising page, customise it to make it appealing
  • Send out an email message to your supporters
  • Spread the word via social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter
  • Make it easy for people to follow the links to your fundraising page
  • Keep people updated on your progress
  • Thank people for supporting you when they donate
  • Tell them when you hit your goal!
  • Send follow up information and photos to show them your incubator

It’s important to spread the word and ask friends and family to tell their friends. Baby Warm in America discovered that donors who don’t know the rehabber personally will only contribute to his/her incubator campaign when it’s already close to the goal.

Not for Profit Groups and Individuals
There are many online websites that help not for profit groups and individuals to raise money for good causes. You do not have to be registered as a charity to raise money online through these websites. Search engines will provide information on a variety of sites, and again, it is worth researching to see which sites offer the best deal for donors and recipients.

Useful links:
If you are in the United States, Baby Warm can help you to fundraise for a recovery incubator. Baby Warm exclusively use Brinsea TLC intensive care units and they have helped over 120 wildlife rehabbers to raise funds to buy an incubator. find out more by visiting their lovely website by clicking on the logo below: