Exmoor Zoo

In 1993 Exmoor Zoo took over the run down 'Bird Gardens', which had been operating since 1982. Danny and Lynn Reynolds and the family have achieved great things in the intervening years by renovating existing enclosures and building new exhibits of mammals, birds and reptiles on a year to year basis. This makes it the very different and unique attraction that it is today. It has some very rare and unusual animals on display - many of which you will not see in other UK zoos!
It has recently been awarded not only the best small attraction in Devon but also the whole of the Southwest.  It now welcomes about 45,000 visitors per annum. 
Exmoor Zoo now has to be one of the top 5 bird zoo collections left in the UK and Brinsea equipment gave the zoo the first UK breeding opportunity for the Southern Bald Ibis.
Head Keeper, Mr Derek Gibson, is very pleased with the new TLC.  He feels it has already paid for itself with a range of ‘patients’ at the zoo. Derek has worked at Exmoor Zoo for nearly 20 years and he has done a lot of transporting of the TLCs to and from home when the zoo has a young patient that needs round the clock care, such as the Black Crowned Night Heron chick (see photos) whose nest had been destroyed by a bad storm during the night.  When patients need sustained, monitored care the portability of units is essential.
'Three previous models of the TLC continue to be used at the zoo.  The picture shows one of these TLCs with what is probably the only Brinsea incubated and hand reared Abyssinian Ground Hornbill in the UK this year (2015).  They are now quite old but have done a sterling job for us. I think the TLC-4’s have reared 8 of these hornbills over the last 10 years or so and really are still going strong.  The zoo is now investing in the new TLC-40 model which is much easier to clean. It also now has a digital control system which results in enhanced performance of the temperature control. The temperature control is more accurate and the machine can now be more easily and accurately calibrated.   The airflow characteristics in the new machine are also improved resulting in a more even air temperature compared the TLC-4 & 5. 
'We had the first European breeding of a Date Palm vulture chick which went through one of the zoo’s Brinsea Octagon 20 incubators and the TLC-4’s. At this moment in time the TLC-4’s have a Superb starling chick, the hornbill and a couple of scarlet ibis chicks in them.
I would prefer the new TLC model to have a handle like the old model did, but you cannot have perfection for everybody all the time – much better quality and filtering though. Will buy another one or two next year.'
Danny Reynolds, Owner, Exmoor Zoo