Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife Rescue is based in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. We take in sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds with the aim of nursing them back to health. Once fully recovered, great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild.
Founded in 1990, we have grown steadily over the years in both size and number of admissions. The facilities are purpose built to meet the needs of any wildlife casualty that may come in at any time of the day or night. Over 2,000 wild animals and birds have been treated in any one year.
The TLC-50 Intensive care units are vital to our work. Our first one was purchased a couple of years ago and it quickly become apparent how vital it was when we admitted the tiny baby birds which struggle to maintain temperature. The survival rate for these tiny birds was much better when using the incubator. In the summer months it was always full of little nests of all types of baby birds!
We have another incubator which we use for mammals especially hedgehogs. The ‘autumn juveniles’ come into us very small, cold, weak and sick. Without our help they would not survive as they are too small to hibernate. The sick hedgehogs get placed into the incubator when they arrive as well as receiving fluids They respond very well to being in the incubator, it is so much better than using hot water bottles or heat pads at this stage in their recovery.
The TLC-50 incubators are very easy to use and most importantly very easy to clean. As some of the animals which come into us can carry diseases and illnesses it is crucial to thoroughly clean the units during the time the animal is in it and also after so we do not get any cross infections. They are quick to clean and dry which means more animals can make use of them. The size and shape work well for us too, they are big enough that we can get most animals which need to be in the incubators in them including foxes! The incubators have made such a difference to us, we really cannot recommend them enough.
Anna Nicholas, Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Registered Charity No 1096812