TLC Competitions

Previous Winners of TLC Incubators...​

The winner of Brinsea's first TLC Rescue-Me Giveaway of a TLC-40 Eco was Nicki Rapley on behalf of of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Surrey who she volunteers for. Harper Asprey rescue, rehabilitate and release over 1600 animals a year and the two incubators that they currently have are literally a lifeline for many poorly or orphaned animals. They are completely volunteer run and are dependant solely on fundraising from supporters and local communities, they attend fairs and fetes to spread the word and raise funds. The group also visits schools and clubs to help educate children about the natural world around them. 

Our second TLC Rescue-Me Give away was won by Claire Rodie on behalf of Hedgehog Haven based in Essex. Hedgehog Haven was established in 2007 by a group of friends who share an interest in British wildlife. They learnt of the plight of hedgehogs and their struggle to survive and decided to set up a small rescue centre in order to give them the best possible chance in life. Hedgehog Haven provides a rescue and rehabilitation service, funding veterinary treatment, surgery and medication where needed. They regularly receive hedgehogs who are victims to vehicles, poisoning by slug pellets or discarded litter. They also take in underweight autumn juveniles who would be unlikely to survive hibernation without intervention. Following over wintering at the Haven, these hedgehogs are then released back into the wild the following spring. Hedgehog Haven also offers people a point of contact for help, information, advice and assistance. They aim to inform as many people as possible to the needs of hedgehogs and how they can help. Hedgehog Haven Essex receives NO funding and relies solely on donations. They rescue around 400 hedgehogs a year and their annual bill totals £11,000 - this includes food, medication and vet bills. 
Our third TLC was won by The Wildlife Haven - a small, family run, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. They were chosen at random in our competition after being nominated by Genevieve Marsh-Feiley.

The Wildlife Haven takes in all species of British wild animals, everything from bats and badgers to owls and otters.They operate a 24 hour service including a telephone helpline. Every year they receive over 2500 calls from the general public, veterinary practices, RSPCA officers and other animal rescue organisations seeking advice. The Wildlife Haven is a wildlife rehabilitation centre run from a family home and as such, it is not open to the public. Their goal is to return every animal brought to them, healthy enough for release, back into the wild. We are looking forward to hearing how the TLC makes a difference to their rescue.