Bert's Hedgehog Retreat,

'My name is Linda and along with my mum, Pamela, I run a self-funded not for profit hedgehog rescue in the heart of a busy city. Bert's Hedgehog Retreat is small affair compared to other hedgehog rescues, taking in excess of 150 hedgehogs a year, becoming busier with every passing year. I work full time and I also fund-raise year round to fund the care these precious animals’ needs. I stay small because that way I can give each hedgehog the care and love it needs. I am constantly looking for new ways to raise awareness; about the need to conserve hedgehogs and preserve their habitats. Most people here are surprised to learn we have hedgehogs in Portsmouth city.

I would like to purchase an incubator for our rescue as hedgehogs are often in a state of total collapse when they arrive here and a high percentage are admitted with lungworm which in its later stages brings with it pneumonia. An incubator would be used to regulate the temperature of seriously ill admissions (adults and juveniles) and tiny hoglets who cannot regulate their own temperatures and need to be housed in a very warm environment (up to 36 degrees depending on size and age). Without a constantly maintained temperature they very quickly become cold. They do not gain weight due to using all of their energy to try and generate warmth, they become unresponsive and they die in a very short time. This is difficult to maintain with the heat pads we use and mortality can be high. A Brinsea incubator would be a lifesaving facility for hoglets and poorly hedgehogs. It is our aim to continue rehabilitating as many hedgehogs as possible for release back to the wild. For us this would be quite literally a life saver. Brinsea incubators have been highly recommended to us not only for the ease of use, but for their efficiency, ease of cleaning and compact size. We have badgered and cajoled supporters into parting with their hard earn money and now at last I am excited to be ordering a Brinsea Incubator.'

Bert's Update...

'It has now been some weeks since the arrival of our Brinsea TLC incubator to Bert's Hedgehog Retreat. And what a revelation in care it has been. How did we ever get by without one? It has been in use every day since it was unpackaged. Literally within an hour of it arriving and being set up we had a sick hedgehog arrive and put the incubator to use.

At Bert’s Hedgehog Retreat we are experiencing our busiest year ever, and with the highest number of sick hedgehogs passing through our doors, the incubator has proved to be invaluable. 100% truthfully a lot of these hedgehogs would not have made it without the use of an incubator. It keeps their temperatures regulated and therefore they can maintain body weight and this encourages them to use their own resources to heal and grow. From tiny babies weighing just a few grams to an 1119g whopper, from broken legs to dog attacks and from lung worm infections to malnourished hedgehogs the incubator is helping to heal them all. For post operations this is an amazing piece of equipment. The incubator is so easy to clean and maintain – set up was very simple.

We now realise that one incubator is not enough and are frantically saving for the next size up. With autumn rapidly approaching we show no signs of slowing down and anticipate that our incubator may even need a revolving door!!!

We are indebted to Brinsea staff for their speed, efficiency, service and great prices. Without you our losses this year would be so much higher. Bert's Hedgehog Retreat would recommend Brinsea incubators to any rescue centre, and will certainly be using them again ourselves. This is a brilliant piece of equipment and we LOVE it and our hedgehogs LOVE it more. Life changing stuff for us.

Thank you Brinsea – literally lifesaving.'

Love Linda and Pam

Bert's Hedgehog Retreat, Portsmouth